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Why Cyberattacks are on the rise- Comment from Tenable

First, a standard attack involves an unauthorized entity within the target’s physical range which can access an unsecured network, such as a Wifi router. About Us Information and technology power today’s advances, and ISACA empowers IS/IT professionals and enterprises. Greg Forst is Director of Marketing at the Factom Protocol and a founding Factom Protocol Authority Node Operator. Greg has 20 years of experience in driving business growth for a wide variety of companies. Of recorded data breaches, 45% featured hacking, 22% involved phishing and 17% involved malware. Willemsen noted that what constitutes personal information covers many things, from names to unique references that can be traced back to an individual.

  • Blockchain technology is a distributed and decentralised ledger system that can record transactions between multiple computers.
  • In the DLT, an attack on one or a small number of participants does not affect other nodes.
  • By targeting a weaker point in the attack chain, cybercriminals can take advantage of the trust organizations place in third-party vendors.
  • To record time-stamped events and hashes of files that prevent attackers from hiding their tracks if they manipulate data.

“We need to make it a legal requirement that you have to disclose when you get the threat.” Ransomware-as-a-service refers to a business model where ransomware variants are leased to cyber criminals. “Tens of millions of Americans rely on Colonial — hospitals, emergency medical services, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, airports, truck drivers and the traveling public,” the Georgia-headquartered firm added. “Our focus remains on continued operations to safely deliver refined products to communities we serve.”

DLT increases cyberresiliency because it creates a situation where there is no single point of contact. In the DLT, an attack on one or a small number of participants does not affect other nodes. Thus, DLT helps maintain transparency and availability, and continue the transactions. No matter how it is utilised, the key component of blockchain technology is its ability to decentralise. As a result, it becomes utterly impossible to infiltrate systems or sites whose access control, data storage, and network traffic are no longer in a single location. Therefore, blockchain may be one of the most efficient mitigation strategies for cyber threats in the coming days.

The latest strike on ShipManager, a software used by over 7,000 ships globally, has worried the industry

Decentralization removes the vulnerable single-point entry exploited by the attackers. The linked lists and blocks are encrypted using hashes and digital signatures based on public/ private key encryption. A prescribed member of nodes needs to reach a consensus on whether the new data block is valid and eligible for the shared ledger. The consensus mechanism implements a continuous check on the integrity of past transactions and new data blocks. A ransomware attack requires to compromise on all or most nodes in the network.

Blockchain Cyberattacks on the Rise

Data generated on the physical infrastructure components via Blockchain is more assuring to the entire chain of custody. Hence, Blockchain proves to be more efficient in verifying software identity by comparing to hashes stored in the ledger. On the other hand, a DDoS attack occurs when a targetted resource such as a server or a website is denied service or access.

Software Engineer, Trilogy (Remote) – $100,000/year USD

“This phenomena of working from home has created a new generation of hackers and miscreants who are using their time to do this,” Sethi said. The rise and mainstream push of cryptocurrency is also tied to “the capability of these guys to get paid off,” according to Stamos. A JBS Processing Plant stands dormant after halting operations on June 1, 2021 in Greeley, Colo., following a ransomware attack that forced many of their facilities to shut down. “The thing that really kept people from making tens of millions of dollars doing hacking 10, 15 years ago, is it’s very hard to get money out of the international banking system,” Stamos said.

Blockchain attacks are very hot right now for one simple reason: it’s where the money is.

The Office of Management and Budget published a damning report on the U.S. Government cybersecurity infrastructure, where phrases like “do not have the resources to combat the current threat environment” and “agencies lack visibility into what is occurring on their networks” are only the beginning. The Internet of Things is a growing industry full of innovation, creativity and, consequently, cybersecurity issues. From robo-sprinklers to Bluetooth-enabled bike locks to smart kitchen appliances, everything is wirelessly connected. Industries across the board are latching onto new technology that promises to improve online safety, with blockchain cybersecurity leading the way.

Javed Samuel, vice president of NCC Group’s cryptography services, told SearchSecurity that the increase in attacks correlates with the increase in use and in the number of players in the currency and platform markets. The scams unfortunately coincide with a recent spike in cryptocurrency attacks that have seen the thefts of millions of dollars in various coins from exchanges, platforms and even personal wallets. Learn about the work CSA is doing to secure blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. You can learn more about the work CSA is doing, download research, and view webinars and blogs on this topic on the Blockchain working group page. Analysis and insights from hundreds of the brightest minds in the cybersecurity industry to help you prove compliance, grow business and stop threats.

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